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#10 Robinsons Trooper – The Iron Maiden/Robinsons Collaboration

Review #10 Robinsons Trooper – 80/100

Not too long ago, I kind of fell out with real ales as a result of attending CAMRA festival  after CAMRA festival, only to be disappointed by the unrelenting sea of blond and pale ales that pretty much taste the same; flat on flavour, weak as piss, and generally I would not often come across a truly amazing real ale.  However, Robinsons are one British brewer that have always kept their beers consistently at a high level, they’re always packed with flavour, and in my personal opinion taste even better bottled.  As a result, Robinsons will always be one of my go to British ales, and with one of their more recent additions to the range, I think they have further stepped up their game.  Introducing The Trooper…


Trooper is the love child of Iron Maiden and Robinsons brewery, named after the track from the album Peace of Mind.   The the fact that the beer doesn’t just bare the name of my favourite band but that Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson also had a lot of input into its development makes this beer a bit more special to drink for me.

Out of the bottle and into the glass, it pours deep gold with a slightly red hue.  Medium carbonation with a nicely retained, light, effervescent head.  On the nose, there’s nothing too mental going on, after all, this is an easy going session ale, but still quite tantalising nonetheless, we’ve got delicate notes of lemon peel and sharp apple with a nice sweet maltiness.

On the palate, it’s quite a bitter golden ale with cascade hops being very dominant, still quite sweet but less zest than the the aroma would have lead me to expect.  I find there is a very delicate spiciness to this beer that I really love.

Finishing up…what can I say, I’ve almost inhaled the pint without even noticing, I enjoy this beer immensely.  What I really value in this beer is that it has been produced to the standard of a high quality artisan brewery whilst maintaining its traditional style.  It has no pretentiousness about, is priced very reasonably and tastes absolutely amazing.  Well done Robinsons, now I just want to try the 666.




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