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#11 Sierra Nevada Pale – A Solid Pale Ale With Wide availability.

Review #11 Sierra Nevada Pale 68/100

This is a beer that has been on my go-to list for many years now, it’s available all year round in a variety of shops in the UK, from independent beer shops to supermarkets.  Don’t be put off by my rating of 65/100, as it’s a very good beer, so I’ll also take advantage of this moment to give a brief idea of how I rate beer and whisky:

1-9/100 = Liquid shit, avoid at all costs.

10-19/100 = Not worth the cost of the bottle it’s in.

20-29/100 = I would be reluctant to finish the bottle.

30-39/100 = The kind of beer you’ll drink, but look forward to the end.

40-49/100 = Meh. I’d get it again…in a fix.

50-59/100 = Not something that blows me away, but I’d happily drink it again.

60-69/100 = Very enjoyable, something special and good enough for me to recommend.

70-79/100 = If I could only drink that drink for the rest of the night, I’d be happy.

80-89/100 = Extremely good territory, I don’t come across drinks of this quality too often.

90-99/100 = The best of the best.  I only experience this standard maybe once a month.

100/100 = I have not yet come across this, but when I do, I’ll know.

You might think I’m being harsh giving such a good beer a rating of 65/100, but I’m not, I really love the beer, but I see it as any reviewers obligation to really scrutinise the flavours and quality of a beer and not rate every good beer over 90, as this can overshadow the true greatness of the most amazing beers/whiskies in the world.

Out of the bottle and into the glass, it’s highly carbonated, pours a deep amber colour with a very light haziness.  On the nose there are very delicate citrus aromas of grapefruit and orange.

On the palate there is a hearty maltiness to this brew, but very well balanced with the light citrus notes.  It’s not heavily hopped and you’re not bogged down with too much malt, it’s a very nice session ale.  Their Torpedo Double IPA is something to behold, I’ll be reviewing that soon.







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