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#15 Ardbeg Uigeadail – Still Wild, the Sherry Hasn’t Tamed This Beast

Review #15 Ardbeg Uigeadail 92/100

I Almost diluted this one with my tears, as I’m coming to the end of the bottle, but damn have I made it last, I actually bought this bottle a year and a half ago in the duty free when I moved back home from China, and I still have a couple of drams left in the bottle.

The Ardbeg Uigeadail or ‘oogie’ as it’s know to its adorning fans is a marriage of whiskies aged in bourbon barrels and sherry butts, bottled at around 55%(this varies depending on the batch).  This really is one for the peat heads, I’m not sure on the ppm level coming from the peat smoke in the oogie, but in my opinion it is higher than the 10, whether that is due to the malt being more intensely peat smoked or wither the aging process hasn’t toned it down as much as you find in the 10, which is hardly conservatively smokey.


On the nose, undiluted this one is a little strong for me to break apart the aromas, but up front I’m getting a lot of roasted cacao, burnt molasses and leather.  With a few drops of water and allowed to breath for a few minutes I am able to pick up dates and rich fruit cake.  In the glass its appearance is that of golden, unset honey.  It’s full bodied, swirling leaves a prominent necklace on the glass producing viscous, oily legs which take an eternity to reach the bottom of the glass.  By this point, I really can’t hold back much longer.

On the palate the Uigeadail doesn’t hold back on the peat smoke, but quickly gives way to heaps of sherry and molasses sweetness followed by flavours of salt beaten oak.  This dram provides an oily, chewy mouthfeel with a pungent, heavily smoked, sweet, barbecued brisket flavour.  A few drops of water really open it up, revealing delicate notes of heather, honey and treacle toffee.

Finishing up, the Uigeadail peat smoke lingers and leaves a dry mouthfeel.  I can’t get enough of this whisky, it is certainly one of the best NAS whiskies out there, It’s not obscenely priced and I’d prefer to shell out the extra £10-15 for the Uigeadail over the Ardbeg 10 (also an amazing single malt)





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