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#17 Bacchus Kriekenbier – A Beer For Those With a Sweet Tooth

Review #17 Bacchus Kriek 55/100

Bacchus’ Kriekenbier is based on their Oud Vlaams Bruin which is their flagship beer brewed in the style of a West Flanders Oud Bruin.  Only the Kriekenbier has been brewed with the addition of krieken cherries and additional sweetener.  Bacchus was the Roman god of the the vine, so this brewery was aptly named given the winey taste of their beers, this is more noticeable with their Oud Vlaams Bruin where the tart, tannin and acid flavours and aromas are more prominent.

It was in the 1970’s when the Bacchus brewery really came to life as the demand for Rodenbach(a flemish red) could not be met, Bacchus stepped up their game to fill the gap in the market.


Out of the bottle and into the glass, this beer pours a dark brown which when held up to the light reveals a slight reddish-purple hue.  There is almost no head with this beer, any head which which reveals itself upon pouring almost instantly disappears.

On the nose there is a lactic aroma, albeit very slight, followed up by a mixture of sweet molasses and sour cherries.  There is not much to the aroma profile of this beer, just very sweet and fruity.

On the palate, I knew what to expect and I got it, sour cherry sweets like Jolly Ranchers followed up by surprisingly pleasant oaky notes.  My only problem with this beer is that all of the flavours are just bobbing around in a sea of sugar.

You know what I’m going to say…it’s too damn sweet.  But I still kind of like the occasional one, even if it is basically a dessert.





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