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#20 Brooklyn Lager – A Classic Example of Why Lagers Shouldn’t be Omitted From the World of Craft Beer

Review #20 Brooklyn Lager 78/100

Unless you are a tee-total, it is likely you’ve had the displeasure of a consuming a heavily carbonated, rat piss-esque liquid which bears the name lager.  This beverage for a long time has plagued pubs, bars and shops all across the globe, and unfortunately for a lot of people, this is what comes to mind when they hear the word ‘lager’.  Admittedly, I turned my nose up at lager for a long time, as I could’t quite dissociate it from the foul, skunky smelling liquid I’d tasted in the past.

Larger is a hard thing to produce well, but when done right produces a beer with a very balanced flavour profile, with a palate and aroma which can’t be mimicked.  After learning this I came to the realisation that you can really judge the quality of a brewery by their ability to produce a good lager.

The world is full of weird and wonderful beers, from insanely hoppy triple IPAs, to through the roof ABV Imperial Russian Stouts, but don’t be like I was, appreciate the beers that have held their place throughout history, the beers which may not have wacky names and styles but have stood the test of time.


Out of the bottle and into the glass, the Brooklyn Lager pours a deep amber colour with no haze at all, medium to high carbonation and a lively, brilliant white head.

On the nose there are delicate, floral, grassy, citrus notes with a caramel like sweetness permeating from the highly effervescent head.

On the palate we’ve got a big malty sweetness with hints of straw in the background stitched together with a nice hoppy bitterness.  Finishes dry with a slight herbal bitterness.  It’s not a very complex beer but very enjoyable nonetheless.





One thought on “#20 Brooklyn Lager – A Classic Example of Why Lagers Shouldn’t be Omitted From the World of Craft Beer

  1. Thank you Mr Matt but this beer is very bad or very good, I do not like drinking piss but I will drink piss for 78/100 you see ahaha give me piss please ahaha thank you Mr Matt


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