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#22 Saison Dupont – A Classic Belgian Farmhouse Saison

Review #22 Saison Dupont 80/100

Short and sweet for this one before I call it a night.  It’s been good to wind down with a few good beers after a weekend of wild camping in Snowdonia National Park.


Out of the bottle and into the glass this beer pours a rich blonde colour with a moderate level of  haziness, producing a large off white head which laces the glass very nicely.

On the nose there are delicate aromas of hay, ripe bananas, tinned peaches, burnt sugar and coriander.

On the palate, there is a delicate funkiness but not a tangy funk like you get with sours, this is more of an old musty aroma which is typical of a lot of farmhouse ales, for this one it is likely a result of it’s second fermentation in the barrel.  Push past the funk and you’ve got a lot of herbal and spice notes – black pepper, coriander, sage, clove and cardamom.  This Saison finishes up a little dry, with the typical Belgian yeast eatery notes and a slight sweetness.

Bonus pic of wild camping in Snowdonia…





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