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#24 Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin – The Fire Breathing Dragon of the Beer World

Review #24 Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin 80/100

It’s not very often I get my hands on Ballast Point beers outside of their normal range, and this one was pretty special and definitely not something I am used to drinking and like the name suggests the Sculpin packs a bit of a sting 😉

The Habanero Sculpin is a classic American style IPA with a twist – it had fiery Habanero chilli peppers added during the boil, what has been produced is a beer packed full of intense hop and capsaicin flavours.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the Sculpin pours a deep amber colour with a very slight haze producing a lively head which laces the glass nicely.

On the nose a bouquet of citrus aromas dominates – yuzu, lime, orange and grapefruit with slight floral notes in the background.

On the palate the initial taste is a slight malt sweetness, with sharp, citrus hop notes moving to the back of the palate leading onto a lingering hop bitterness, as the bitterness subsides and the capsaicin molecules latch on a heat starts to build producing a punchy yet tolerable burn that lingers for the duration of the drink.

A very nice beer especially if you fancy something a little different, but bear in mind, this is not a subtile heat, this is a very noticeable burn, I wouldn’t like to be drinking a pint of this stuff, 330ml is plenty.  Note: my friend had a pint of the stuff and suffered serious hoop damage the following day so take caution.





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