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#26 Chimay Blue – The most widely available Trappist…Also One of the Best

Review #26 – Chimay Blue 90/100

It is not always the case that the rarity of a beer directly correlates to its quality, after all, the previous beer I reviewed was the Westvleteren 12 which is perhaps one of the hardest beers in the world to get your hands on as it is only available for pickup directly from the monastery brewery, however I have only scored it 4 points higher than the Chimay Blue which I picked up from Tesco on my way home from work.  So, let’s get onto the review to understand why…


The Chimay pours very similar to the Westy, black and tar like, although slightly less viscous.  The carbonation is medium/high, slightly more than the Westvleteran, also producing a very similar head.

On the nose there is a nice sweetness, creme caramel, treacle toffee and Parkin cake.  There is a mustiness which is present on the nose, albeit rather pleasant, this is accompanied by some delicate floral aromas which I can’t quite put my finger on, almost grassy verging on cereal like aromas.

On the palate it’s rather spicy with notes of star anise, liquorice and preserved soft fruits.  Naturally the classic Trappist flavours are here, lots of raisins, dates, leather, tobacco, grape spirit and oak.  Finishes up with a wonderful molasses sweetness and goes down dangerously easy for a beer of its strength.

I’d like to stress that this beer is very widely available, it is amazingly flavoursome and complex and sometimes overlooked because it is almost around every corner.  It really is only a little bit behind the Westy in my opinion, it just lacks the little bit of extra umphhh.




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