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#27 Brooklyn EIPA – A Long Term Favourite of Mine

Review #27 Brooklyn EIPA(East India Pale Ale) 86/100

For those of you who don’t know too much about the history of the IPA, I will give you a quick rundown.  Back during colonial Britain, sending people to the colonies across the oceans and seas took a very long time, as a result, during a long journey water would turn stagnant and become infected with all sorts of microbial nasties, because of this, stocking the ship with beer was a much more viable option, as the alcohol would keep any pathogens at bay(for the most part), also people wanted beer in the colonies, and this style just so happened to be preferred.  It is a common misconception that IPAs had a higher alcohol content, this is simply something that has developed over time as this particular style of beer has grown.  IPAs are most associated with the Burton on Trent region of England, this region is known for its high sulphate water which works particularly well for heavily hopped ales, and with Burton having exceptional links with Liverpool, allowing for transport all around the British Empire, this is what gave birth to the IPA.


What I am drinking tonight is an American style IPA, generally these are more heavily hopped with hops that impart a more citrus like flavour profile.  Now, history lesson aside, let’s get to it…

Out of the bottle and into the glass the EIPA pours a deep amber colour with a lively, white, lager like head producing a high level of carbonation.

On the nose I get a very heavy citrus profile with aromas of orange zest, lemongrass and pine needles.

On the palate, what I like most about this IPA is it has a pretty distinct flavour of pink grapefruit, this is definitely the dominant flavour in the brew, however it is also accompanied by more subtle flavours of yuzu fruit and candied peel.  There is a nice level of hard hitting hop bitterness, and although it’s 6.9% ABV there isn’t much of an alcohol flavour.  This is by no means an amazingly complex beer, but it is a fantastic IPA and always has been one of my favourites.





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