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#28 Malt of the Earth Strathisla 9YO – A Single Cask Expression on the Lighter End of the Spectrum

Review #28 Malt of the Earth Strathisla 9YO 80/100

While I love heavily peated Islay malts, sherry bombs and Japanese whiskies, it seems that over the past few years they have pretty much taken all of the limelight.  Consumers worldwide have increased the demand for whiskies with very bold flavours, often leaving the lighter, more delicate drams in the shadows.  This particular bottling is a prime example of how much softer whiskies have to offer.

First of all, I’d like to point out that this whisky is non-chill filtered and is naturally coloured.  All of the colour has come from the cask which seems to becoming more and more of a rarity as a shocking amount of distilleries are now adding E150a to their spirit.  So next time you pick up a bottle, don’t just assume the colour is a sure indicator of a good maturation process.  This bottling by Malt of the Earth is a very good, honest whisky.


Out of the bottle and into the glass, the Strathisla pours a pale straw colour, similar to that of white wine.

On the nose, the aromas are very subtle, a delicate perfume of lavender followed up with sharp Bramley apples and pear drops.

On the palate the whisky produces a rather complex flavour profile with notes of buttery shortbread, sweet almonds and toffee, finishing up with layers of delicate spice – nutmeg, fiery ginger and mace.

A great dram, showcasing the awesomeness of whiskies at the paler end of the spectrum.

Malt of the Earth is owned by a guy called Tom Mills, this is their second bottling and I am looking forward to what he is going to bottle next.




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