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#29 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout – The Beer That Opened the Door to Craft Beer For Me

Review #29 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 89/100

A few years back, just after starting university, still wet behind the ears especially in the world of beer, I stumbled into a bar where I noticed a beer I’d never seen before, the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.  Intrigued, I decided it was worth a punt.  Aside from a few American IPAs, a handful of Real Ales and far too much of the standard swill we see far too often, this was the beer that awoke my tastebuds from their 18 year coma.

Out of the bottle and into the glass this full bodied brew pours like a thick treacle, coating the glass with an almost bitumen like viscosity, producing a head reminiscent of a good cappuccino, tan in colour and velvety smooth.


On the nose the Black Chocolate Stout produces the kind of aromas you’d expect, but in levels your imagination couldn’t conjure.  Intoxicating aromas of roasted cacao, rich chocolate cake and freshly brewed coffee.

On the palate, the decadently rich, creamy liquid envelopes the senses with pungent flavours of raw cacao, milk chocolate, dark roast coffee, double cream, and coffee truffles, finishing up with an earthy hop bitterness similar to that produced by Kent Goldings, raisins and cacao nibs.

One of my favourite stouts that I enjoy in the present and provides me with great memories of years gone by and my awakening into the world of craft beer.  Also, given it’s ABV of 10% the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is surprisingly easy to drink.  I highly advise anybody to pick up a bottle of this if they get the chance, it’s up there with the best.





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