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#30 Rheinbacher Weissbier – A Shoutout to the Everyday Brews

Review #30 Rheinbacher Weissbier 66/100

I, like a lot of people live in a place where extraordinary beers aren’t just around the corner, and more often than not I end up drinking the beers that are most widely available to me.  On this occasion I am drinking a beer that I quite regularly purchase from Aldi for a good price –  Rheinbacher Weissbier.  Now, there are better wheat beers out there such as Weihenstephaner and Paulaner, and there are naturally going to be snobs out there who will condemn any supermarket brand before it has even passed their lips and if you’re one of those people then get a grip you bad gimp.


Out of bottle and into the glass, the Rheinbacher pours a deep orange/honey colour with a very appealing haziness producing a lively, off white head.

On the nose the beer delivers an aroma profile quite typical of hefe-weissbiers: Sourdough bread, fresh herbs and delicate citrus notes.

On the palate it’s a rather dry beer, with a barely noticeable level of hop bitterness producing a flavour profile that is quite bready, heavy malty sweetness with a slight spiciness and mustiness from the yeast, rounded off with a pleasant serving of banana and fresh citrus oil – grapefruit, lemon and orange.  Perhaps a little too heavily carbonated, but no big deal…

A good ‘everyday’ beer within arms’ reach.  Not mind bogglingly awesome, but an enjoyable beer nonetheless.  Don’t be a person who prejudges anything before you actually try it; it is very easy to be swayed by external stimuli such as advertising, label design and the pedigree of a brewery, when sometimes top quality breweries produce absolute shite and lesser known breweries produce something special.

On the same note I’d just like to say that Tesco’s Finest American Double IPA is actually Brewdog Hardcore IPA, but at roughly half the price…






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