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#35 Duvel – The Everyday Belgian That Never Disappoints

Review #35 – Duvel 85/100

Just a quick review tonight before I carry on with some photo editing that I’ve been putting off for far too long.  Tonight’s beer is one of the old faithfuls, it’s always been one of the front runners for me, a beer that I never tire of and one that I can always get my hands on. Duvel is a strong Belgian blond ale, the brewery also make a variant called the triple hop, each year the triple hop changes as they switch the third hop to something new; the ones I can remember are Sorachi Ace in 2013, Mosaic in 2014 and the latest one uses Equinox.  In my opinion, they have decreased in quality ever so slightly with each year – the 2013 Sorachi Ace was definitely the best in my opinion.  But let’s get onto the beer I have at the moment, their core bottling.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the Duvel pours a very light straw colour, with a slight level of haziness to it.  Poured into a typical Belgian ale glass the liquid produces a massive ultra-lively head.

On the nose it produces a fresh aroma profile, rather grassy and floral with notes of pine needles, green tea and lemon zest.

On the palate, for a light looking beer there is a heavy malt presence up front – sweet and biscuity with a slight peppery spice.  Heavy on the Belgian yeast notes this one, it has a slight flavour that is reminiscent of fenugreek.  The Duvel finishes up with fresh flavours of lemon zest, eucalyptus and pine.

Lovely beer!




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