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#36 Brewdog Punk IPA – A Good IPA Benchmark, But a Little Soapy

Review #36 – Brewdog Punk IPA 72/100

This was one of the first beers to take the traditional British IPA and put it on steroids, amplifying the subtle flavours of an age old beer while adding their own twist.  This is a beer that is packed full of fresh, tropical flavours with a nice level of hop bitterness, but in my opinion there is something a little off in the finish…


Out of the bottle and into the glass, the Punk pours a lovely glowing amber colour which produces a lively, brilliant white head with a medium to high level of carbonation.  The beer retains its head nicely and will be present for a good 10 minutes into the drink.

On the palate the liquid is light, low bodied with the nice level of carbonation.  Up front there is a sufficient amount of rich malt sweetness which gives way to a medley of tropical fruit – pineapple, papaya and lichee.

The beer finishes up with a flavour profile of grapefruit, yuzu and fresh pine needles and a slightly soapy linger.

A very good beer, but a bit unfortunate about the finish.  I see a lot of people raving over this one, but I can’t see why – it’s a good IPA but nothing to write home about, and not that dissimilar the other 6 million IPAs that Brewdog have.




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