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#38 Glengoyne 10 Year Old – A Creamy, Savoury Tipple From the Highlands

Review #38 – Glengoyne 10YO 74/100

It’s taken me quite a while to give Glengoyne a go, and for no particular reason, other than that it just seems to have stayed off my radar, so I decided to pick up a small 5cl bottle just to give it a try.


Deep gold in colour, medium body and surprisingly well rested for a 10 year old whisky.

On the nose it produces a rather savoury aroma profile, with plenty of rich golden barley, fresh sourdough bread, delicate spice and a touch of cream which is quite reminiscent of a peppercorn sauce.

On the palate this is a whisky that provides lashings of raw malted barley notes – it’s quite nice to taste a whisky that has retained a lot of the flavour of the spirit.  More of the textbook flavours with this one, plenty of bourbon seasoned oak – a little sweet spice like vanilla and nutmeg.  A long dry finish on this one, leaving lingering notes of malt and toast.

If you are looking for a whisky which projects a true, base flavour profile of what Scotch whisky is all about, then this may be the whisky for you.  With every inhale of its vapour, with every sip of its golden liquid, your senses will be enveloped by blankets of decadent, rich malted barley – the heart of all single malt scotch; a flavour which can often be almost and in some cases completely masked by casks which impart somewhat excessive flavour on the spirit.




One thought on “#38 Glengoyne 10 Year Old – A Creamy, Savoury Tipple From the Highlands

  1. Nice summary of Glengoyne. It’s a great whisky but hardly my go to (always prefer lots of smoke!) If I remember correctly, there is no peat at all in a Glengoyne grain bill… but yeah, it does show off the base flavours very well because of that.


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