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#39 De Molen Heen and Weer – The Abbey Style Triple From Holland

Review #39 – De Molen Heen and Weer 84/100

Another one from the Dutch windmill brewery, De Molen.  De Molen is quite easily one of my favourite breweries, they consistently produce fantastic beer which I always get excited about when I see their plain, black & white bottles in a bar.  The Heen and Weer is a Belgian style Abbey triple and it’s pretty great, not my favourite beer from the brewery but pretty special nonetheless.


Out of the bottle and into the glass it pours a deep copper colour, plenty of haze with quite a lot of small clumps of yeast floating about.  The beer produces a short, off-white head which disperses pretty quickly.  Light to medium carbonation.

On the nose there are heavy aromas of Belgian yeast, fruity ester aromas – banana, raisins and dates, this gives way to fresh herbal notes of coriander and sage.

On the palate it’s a rather sweet triple with syrupy flavours or molasses, caramel , honey and treacle, the sugary sweetness evolves into flavours of overly ripe, soft fruit – banana, apricot, nectarines,plums and pears.  The sweet flavour profile becomes entwined with delicate notes of spice – cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and anise with an ever so slight lacing of raw cacao.

Anything from De Molen is pretty much guaranteed to be of high quality.  Amazing brewery.




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