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#41 Robinsons Dizzy Blonde – A Fresh, Citrusy British Blonde

Review #41 – Robinsons Dizzy Blonde 74/100

The Dizzy Blonde is a traditional British golden ale which for a while was only available as a seasonal ale, it has since become a permanent member of the Robinson’s core range which I can assure you is a good thing.

For the craft beer connoisseur who doesn’t have much experience in the world of British ale, you have to understand that traditional British beer is a completely different kettle of fish to your modern craft beer breweries.  If you take the leading craft beer companies such as Brewdog, Flying Dog, Dogfish Head, Brooklyn etc; the brewbill for any beers coming out of their doors will more often than not contain exotic strains of yeast, sometimes up to 10x the amount hops, and for certain styles the amount of malt is increased substantially, all of this results in beer saturated with pungent aromas and flavours, which is a good thing, but people who are used to this and nothing else can often be underwhelmed when they delve into the world of traditional beer – judging a traditional ale with your craft beer head on is like critiquing a wine and expecting a bouquet of bourbon aromas and flavours to be present.


The Dizzy Blonde is available on draught or bottled, I’m enjoying this particular one from a 500ml bottle.  Out of the bottle and into a nice half-pint glass it pours quite a deep straw colour with a short, lively head which doesn’t stick around for very long.

This is a very delicate beer on the nose, not much presents itself at this point other then some subtle aromas of cereal and fresh citrus peel – lemon and orange.

On the palate, this is where this beer comes to life – plenty of malt richness up front, chewy and sweet cereal with a little spice, moving on to quite a generous amount of zesty citrus flavours finishing up with a medium-duration linger of sharp, aromatic hop bitterness.  The Amarillo hops do a great job in this beer.




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