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#47 Brewdog Mr President – Hardcore IPA With a Name Change

Review #47 – Brewdog Mr President(Hardcore IPA) 80/100

Let me start by saying that this is not a new beer from Brewdog, it is one of their oldest beers with a fancy new label.  I don’t want to take away from the fact that this is one of my favourite IPAs of all time, it really is spectacular, but in a previous review I had a little nag about how Brewdog produces a vast number of IPAs where the flavour profile of each one is pretty similar to the rest, now they’ve gone one step further, taken the same beer and slapped a different fucking name on it.  But anyway, onto the actual beer review.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the HARDCORE IPA! pours a lovely, deep copper colour, has medium to high carbonation and produces a lively, one finger depth, off-white head with just the slightest tan hue to it.

The nose gives away what your palate is in store for, this is an IPA which packs plenty of muscle, you can feel a tidal wave of citrusy hop aromas infiltrating each and every sensory cell as the aroma is carried up through your nose, not much else on the nose other than some very subtle caramel and cereal notes.

On the palate,  straight away with a savage hit of sharp, high alpha, American hops that gets your tastebuds in a chokehold, coming at you time after time with a piercing bitterness at the back of the tongue which moves forward opening up the more delicate flavours from the hops – pink grapefruit, pine needles, green tea, orange peel and eucalyptus.  The beer finishes up long and dry – think freshly cut grass, candied peel and juniper.

Love the beer, hate the unnecessary marketing ploy.




4 thoughts on “#47 Brewdog Mr President – Hardcore IPA With a Name Change

    1. There’s no need to apologise, I’ve tasted them side by side numerous times, and honestly can’t see the difference. There are going to be two schools of thought, mine and yours and we would each have people who support our ideas. Maybe your tastebuds are more in tune than mine, maybe the power of marketing has distorted your perception. Who knows. I’ve been drinking Hardcore IPA for a number of years now, if there is any difference it is so slight that it is basically the same beer, hence why ratebeer have the two of them listed as alias beers to one another.


    2. My bottle tasted like the iPad Elvis Juice…
      Very citrus grapefruit in taste..
      Similar labels too…
      Labelling Error perhaps..??


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