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#49 Vocation Brewing Pride and Joy – A Rather Pleasant, Easy to Drink American Pale

Review #49 – Vocation Brewing Pride and Joy 67/100

Vocation Brewing are an English brewery based in West Yorkshire.  Their Pride and Joy is an American Pale Ale which is now available in a few supermarkets.


Out of the can and into a nice half pint glass, the Pride and Joy pours a glowing honey colour, produces a very thin head which doesn’t stick around very long and low carbonation.

So the head retention on this one is a bit of a let down, it’s not the be all and end all, but it is nice to have at least a bit of a head, I had to snap the photo pretty quickly as the head disappeared in a matter of seconds, carbonation is also pretty low in this beer.

On the nose, while the aromas are there, they are very delicate indeed, and you have to search for them for a little while.  Slightly citrusy, floral with a nice level of malt and honey sweetness.

On the palate is where the beer improves, and this is the most important part.  As mentioned earlier, the carbonation is rather low here and while that is good for stouts and porters, it isn’t great for an IPA or an APA, you want at least a medium level of carbonation.  Up front there is quite a hearty, cereal and malt backbone and it produces quite a light mouthfeel.  The dominating flavours in this beer are citrus – lemon, orange and lemongrass.  Finishes up pleasantly dry with quite a long lasting citrus linger.  I wasn’t blown away with this one but it was a pleasant drink nonetheless.




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