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#50 Mavericks Tunnel Vision IPA – A Hard Hitting 100IBU Leviathan

Review #50 – Mavericks Tunnel Vision IPA 72/100

This is actually the first beer I have tried from Mavericks, I haven’t seen them about much in the UK but I would definitely try more of their brews after this one.  Had this one in Brewdog Liverpool from a pint can.


Out of the can and into a half pint glass, the Tunnel vision pours a very deep, very hazy hazelnut brown (although it was very dark in the bar), producing a slightly off-white head and what appears to be a high level of carbonation.

On the nose there is a lot of pine, eucalyptus, freshly cut grass and tons of citrus.  I can tell this one is going to be a bit of a killer already.

This beer is 100 IBUs, so it is to be expected that there is going to be a lot of bitterness, and I have tried a lot of higher IBU beers such as Brewdog’s Hardcore IPA which is 150 and the Mikkeller 1000IBU.  While this isn’t quite as bitter as the Mikkeller it certainly tops the bitterness of the Brewdog.  On the palate the first thing that hits you is the tidal wave of citrus oil, it is like biting into the skin of a grapefruit except actually quite pleasant, and while this beer does feel like it is dissolving your mouth it is still pretty enjoyable, as previously mentioned there is a hell of a lot of citrus and it has a strong malt backbone.  On the downside the flavour of rough alcohol is quite prominent and the level of bitterness is perhaps more suited to a smaller volume, a pint is a little too much for a beer this heavily hopped.




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