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#52 Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René – For the Love of Lambic!

Review #52 – Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René 86/100

I think this is a great beer to introduce any beer lover into the world of sour beers, or anyone who has yet to dip their toe into the sea of quality beer.  It’s not too sour, it’s not too alcoholic, and the flavour profile is far from insane; this is a beer that is refined, complex, delightfully moorish and it is one that shows off the best characteristics of Belgian sour beers, as the flavours coming from the yeast, bacteria, aged hops and ageing process can all be tasted without being masked by sour cherries, or too much acetic and lactic acid.


Out if the bottle, I’ve poured this into a tulip glass which has revealed the beer’s lovely golden sunset colour and produced a very prominent, heavily effervescent head, there is a reason they call this Brussels Champagne… 

On the nose there is a certain mustiness reminiscent of sun burnt hay and horse stables, this is then followed up by delicate lactic acid aromas with notes of sharp baking apples and elthyl acetate(pear drops).

On the palate is where this beer really comes to life…up front there is a bouquet of aromatic fruit flavours: passionfruit, lychee, star fruit and mango, the flavour profile quickly shifts to dry and slightly tannic with notes of underripe white grapes, similar to champagne which is possibly why term Brussels Champagne was coined.  The wine like flavours then become more acidic, but only slightly, this is by no means a ‘corrosive’ sour, the lactic and acetic notes are actually quite delicate.  There is a full yeast flavour present in this bottle which lingers in the background with every sip, this adds a little more of the musty sun drenched hay characteristic.  The finish is intermediate in length, quite dry and with a slight spice of pepper and clove.

A really enjoyable sour, and one of the few sour beers I could happily session.




One thought on “#52 Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René – For the Love of Lambic!

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