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#53 Lervig/Loverbeer Americano A Roma – Not a Beer That Will Blow You Away

Review #53 – Lervig/Loverbeer Americano A Roma (collaboration) 72/100

Brewed by Lervig in Norway with input from Italy’s Loverbeer, the Americano A Roma is an American style IPA brewed with lemon balm and Italian Spelt.  While Loverbeer have produced on of my favourite beers of all time – Dama Bruna, I haven’t had too much from Lervig, and this one has left me satisfied yet not impressed.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the beer pours a vibrant mango colour producing a slightly off-white head which remains for a good few minutes.  The nose is mainly dominated by lemon and grapefruit peel and a little bit of pine needles and spice.

On the palate the beer reveals a strong cereal and yeast backbone with a slightly oily body.  The flavour profile coming from the hops is characteristic of some of the American ‘C’ varieties, plenty of citrus fruits (orange, mandarin and grapefruit).  The finish is long and dry with a generous portion of hop bitterness and a little funk, almost brett like, but I don’t think there is actually any brettanomyces in there.




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