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#54 Stronachie 12 Year Old – A Nice Commemoration to the Lost Distillery

Review #54 – Stronachie 12 Year Old 75/100

Stronachie distillery is now nothing more than a than a few small ruins.  This particular bottle of whisky is made in commemoration to the distillery and has no relation to the long-lost distillery other than its name, however, the people at A. D. Rattray had a bottle of the original stuff, and searched for a distillery that produced a stylistic match.  Until today, I thought that only a few select people at A. D. Rattray knew the origin of Stronachie, but as it turns out they revealed that it actually comes from Benrinnes which I didn’t guess, my money was on Strathisla, and I’m still quite happy with that educated guess as the two distilleries share a very similar flavour profile.


Poured into a small Glencairn glass the Stronachie pours a rich golden colour, like fields of barley catching the summer sunshine.  A quick swirl leaves a prominent necklace around the glass, oily tears drip down the inside of the glass at a fairly slow pace leaving quite thin but long lasting legs.

The nose transports you to Speyside with swathes of fresh heather and grass, this is coupled with delicately spiced dry fruit and cinnamon buns.

On the palate there is a strong cereal backbone almost like sweet muesli, a generous malt sweetness, with aromatic notes of of toasted pine nuts and marzipan with a delicate wisp of smoke.

The finish is medium with a slight oily nuttiness and a little sweet spice.




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