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#55 Magic Rock Salty Kiss – Keep the Kisses Coming!

Review #55 – Magic Rock Salty Kiss (Gooseberry Gose) 85/100

The Magic Rock Salty Kiss is a collaboration between Magic Rock and Master Brewer Anders Kissmeyer.  For those of you who don’t know, Gose is a style of beer with it’s origins in the German city of Leipzig; they are characteristically tart and refreshing with a slight saltiness.  This particular Gose has been brewed with sea buckthorn, gooseberries and rosehips.


I picked this beer up on a whim from the Penny Lane Londis in Liverpool and I’m so glad I did.  This is one of the most well balanced beers I’ve ever had, there are no flavours that dominate the beer, just a perfect harmony of different elements that come together to produce something quite magnificent.

Out of the bottle and into the glass, the beer pours slightly cloudy with a light yet vibrant amber colour producing a lively, brilliant-white head which disperses quite quickly.

On the nose this beer is a symphony of perfectly balanced aromas: delicate citrus, sharp grapes, sour berries, unripened fruit, a wisp of lactic acid all carried over the senses on a fresh sea breeze.

If the nose is the symphony, what the palate is introduced to is the orchestra.  Up front there is a very delicate malt sweetness with an almost champagne like body which gives way to notes of aromatic rosewater, tart yuzu fruit and gooseberries.  The sourness grows but plateaus at a very palatable level.  The finish is crisp and refreshing with little to no dryness and leaves the perfect level of saltiness to tantalise the tastebuds leaving you yearning for more.

A fantastic beer, keep them coming, Magic Rock!




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