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#56 Brooklyn Blast! – A Beefed-Up EIPA

Review #56 – Brooklyn Blast! 85/100

As stated by Brooklyn Brewery, NYC lies about halfway between the hop fields of the Pacific North West and the hop fields of Kent.  For this reason they have used some traditional English hops, the Fuggle to be precise and also some punchy American hops.  This was the same premise for their EIPA, although for the Blast! they have somewhat beefed up the brew, it’s hoppier, maltier and more alcoholic.  I’m pretty sure they use a wider range of hops for this one too, there are certainly some flavours coming out of this one that aren’t present in the EIPA…


Poured into a Brookyln flute glass, the Blast! pours a colour of molten gold, producing a brilliant-white head one finger in depth that disperses a few minutes after pouring.

The nose is pungent on this one, there are heaps of bitter citrus fruits: yellow grapefruit, orange zest, sharp lemons, yuzu fruit and lemongrass.  If you manage to break through the citrus backbone, there are more delicate aromas of tonic water, sweet spice and lychee.

On the palate, straight up comes a massive alpha acid punch, this would be a bit of a nightmare for anybody who isn’t much of an IPA fan, there really is quite a lot of alpha acid bitterness here, however, this does move quickly on to very pleasant fruity flavours: pink grapefruit with caramelised sugar, pine needle tea, coriander seeds, lemongrass, bubblegum, lychee and yellow plums.  The finish is long and dry with a slightly spicy aftertaste.




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