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#57 Mad Hatter Face Hugger – A Homage to Sorachi Ace

Review #57 – Mad Hatter Face Hugger Sorachi Ace 76/100

The Sorachi Ace is a really great hop, either combined with others or as I prefer it, on its own, and this brew from Mad Hatter in Liverpool showcases it rather nicely.


Out of the bottle and into the glass it’s rather hazy, pours a deep golden colour with a lively white head which it keeps for a few minutes before dispersing.  A small amount of yeast sediment is present in this one.

On the nose, a little black pepper, lemon rind, pulped lemongrass with ester like notes of ripe banana and a little yeasty funk.

On the palate, you can tell a lot of hops have gone into the boil as there is a fair whack of alpha acid bitterness, riding the bitterness are decadent flavours of that fresh lemongrass we got in the nose, this is now accompanied by delicate notes of dill, lemon and bubblegum.

A great beer and one that shows off the wonderful Sorachi Ace hop.




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