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#58 Chorlton Amarillo Sour – Juicy Citrus Fruits With a Little Tang

Review #58 – Chorlton Amarillo Sour 85/100

I was quite disappointed this week at the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo to see that on both of the days I visited the Chorlton beers I wanted to sample were not on.  After trying this beer for the first time a couple of weeks ago I was eager to get my hands on some more of their brews.

This beer has purposely been inoculated with Lactobacillus Brevum, a bacterium which produces lactic acids from sugar, after the inoculation the beer is held at a temperature best suited to this strain of bacteria for around a day.  After this hold period, the bacteria in the mash have produced the desired amount of lactic acid to impart a slight tartness on the beer.  I presume after this step the Lactobacillus Brevum are killed off, usually by raising the temperature, after this the beer is fermented with yeast.  During the boil, no hops have been added, as a result there is no hop bitterness in this beer.  The only hops that are used are Amarillo hops which are added to the fermenter, as they are not boiled, the alpha acids are not released from the hops, they do however add aroma and flavour to the beer.

I rate this beer very highly, it is a really nice sour, very well balanced and a pleasure to drink, I just wish I had a few more.


Poured into a nice flute glass, the beer pours a hazy amber colour with about two fingers worth of lively head which laces the inside of the glass quite nicely.   On the nose, fresh aromas of grapefruit zest, real lemonade and a slight aroma of lactic acid.

On the palate, very crisp flavours of pink grapefruit, tart green apples, pineapple and a lovely dose of lactic acid tartness.  There isn’t too much lactic acid going on here, definitely enough to add a tang but not enough to have you wincing.  Medium finish, not dry at all, leaves a lingering flavour almost like lemon sherbet.




3 thoughts on “#58 Chorlton Amarillo Sour – Juicy Citrus Fruits With a Little Tang

  1. Yum. Looks and sounds delicious. I just made a Berliner Weisse that I dry hopped with Amarillo hops and it turned out wonderful. Guess I’m not the only one that thought they might be a good hops for a sour.


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