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#59 Mad Hatter Manchester Tart – Raspberry Coulis in Drink Format

Review #59 – Mad Hatter Manchester Tart 80/100

With it’s low ABV and radioactive appearance, I was dubious about this one.  My fiancee, Becky was the first to give it a go and she approved so much so I almost had to wrestle it from her.  Still I was expecting it to be overly sweet and very fruity, but looks can be deceiving and they were…IMG_20160622_170520.jpg

Out of the bottle and into a flute glass, the beer pours an almost psychedelic pink colour, the colour of raspberries viewed by someone on acid, the beer produces a very lively head with a slight pink hue to it, carbonation is ranging from medium to high, there is a little bit of haze but no yeast sediment.

On the nose, sharp summer fruits, tart raspberries and lemon meringue.

On the palate, the Manchester Tart proves itself as a very well balanced beer, and from what I can decipher there have been no hops added to the boil as there is absolutely no hop bitterness.  Sharp raspberries, a medley of soft summer fruits, lemon meringue, raspberry coulis, dry champagne, cranberries with just enough lactic acid to tingle the corners of your mouth.  The finish is medium, a little dry with plenty of juicy fruits lingering in the background.  This is a perfect beer for the summer, very easy to drink, extremely refreshing, a great session beer and not so much fruit flavour that it loses it’s character as a beer.




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