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#60 Mikkeller Henry Jagger – A ‘Bitter’ Disappointment

Review #60 – Mikkeller Henry Jagger 52/100

When I saw the ‘trace’ level of alcohol in this beer(2.2%) that should have rang alarm bells, but I thought to myself, “it’s a Mikkeller, it’s bound to be good”.  I couldn’t have been more wrong, as it is the worst beer I have reviewed on this blog up to now and quite possibly the worst ‘craft’ beer I have ever tasted, and it’s a shame considering the usual high quality of Mikkeller.


Once poured into a flute glass the beer has a deceptively alluring appearance, a tall, lively, off-white head that would rival any Belgian beer out there, a deep copper colour with a slight haze to it, no sediment present upon initial inspection.

The nose is rather lacklustre, some mild citrussy aromas, a slight malt sweetness and not much else.

On the palate, the nose was a good indicator on how the beer would perform taste-wise.  Carbonation is medium to high, light body, watery mouthfeel, it certainly doesn’t feel or taste like a beer that has been lovingly crafted, it tastes like a teabags worth of malt has been placed in the mash.  What is present in fairly high quantities is alpha acid and citrus notes, it is a big hop beer, unfortunately it doesn’t have a strong malt backbone to support those kind of flavours.  To put it bluntly, the difference between this beer and a Budweiser is negligible, so save yourself a few quid.




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