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#61 The Kernel Mosaic Pale Ale – Maybe a Little Too Much Alpha Bitterness?

Review #61 – The Kernel Mosaic Pale Ale 72/100

For me, The Kernel have always been a brewery that can occasionally overdo the hops that go into the boil which provides so much alpha acid bitterness that some of the more delicate flavours and aromas can be masked, this is kind of the case with the Mosaic Pale Ale, while it is a great beer with a complex flavour profile, I think it could have benefitted from a slight hop reduction.


Out of the bottle and into a flute glass it pours a deep molten gold colour, rather hazy with a little yeast sediment floating around.  The beer produces a brilliant white head, initially about 1 finger depth, the head disperses quite quickly.

On the nose the mosaic hops really shine through, quite a lot of citrus peel up front, moving on to unripe papaya, pine needles and rosewater, I also pick up a slight sourdough aroma.

On the palate, more of those distinctive Mosaic flavours present themselves albeit slightly overshadowed by all of that alpa acid bitterness.  Quite a lot of pink grapefruit peel, pine needles, unripened papaya and mango, parma violets and bubblegum.  The flavours coming from the hops alone are quite unique, the beer has a nice malt sweetness but this again has been slightly overshadowed by the bitterness, the beer is full bodied with medium carbonation.




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