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#64 Brewfist/Prairie Artisan Ales Spaghetti Western – Liquid Tiramisu

Review #64 – Brewfist/Prairie Artisan Ales Spaghetti Western Coffee/Chocolate Imperial Stout 84/100

Until now I’ve had little experience with either of these breweries, other than a few Brewfists a while back when I wasn’t in the best position to make tasting notes or truly appreciate them for that matter, so it’s pretty good to jump in with a collaboration between the two.  I have been looking forward to a good, hearty stout that I could settle down with and really dig my teeth into and this proved to be a perfect fit.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the beer pours a deep brown colour, black when held away from the light, appears to be full bodied, viscous and oily as though it had just been pumped out of an oil field in Texas.  Tall, creamy tan head which sticks around for a good while, lacing the glass extremely well with every swirl of the liquid.

On the nose the alcohol is there, but quite subdued for a beer of its strength, notes of burnt toast, freshly ground coffee beans, raw cacao and a little pipe tobacco.

What the beer delivers to the palate is quite sensational, it’s thick and oily, full bodied chewy mouthfeel, moderate level of carbonation, freshly ground dark roast coffee, rich raw cacao, sweet dates, charcoal with an earthy hop bitterness.  Medium finish with a lingering notes of bitter coffee and dark chocolate.





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