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#65 Mad Hatter Membrillo Tripel – Like a Kwak Drizzled Fruit Cake

Review #65 – Mad Hatter Membrillo Tripel 72/100


Out of the bottle and into the glass the beer pours a deep walnut colour with a slight red hue, small amount of yeast sediment in the glass, the beer produces a medium, frothy yellow tinted head.

On these nose we’ve got a small amount of alcohol, quite subdued considering the beer’s high ABV, a strong fruit and spice backbone which reminds me of christmas pudding, there is a little brandy in there too and a heavy dose of sweet ester aromas – strawberry jam and overripe bananas.

In all honesty, what the beer delivered to the palate wasn’t as good as I was expecting.  Really heavy on the caramel malt flavour, a little too sweet, not sure if this one has had any sugars or honey added, but it does get a little sickly towards the end, however there are a lot of nice and complex flavours present – clove spiced oranges, star anise, fruit cake, dates, marmalade and toffee.  Finish is long, not dry at all, slight citrusy hop bitterness with a lingering sweetness reminiscent of Muscovado sugar and molasses.  A good beer, but not one of my favourites from Mad Hatter.




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