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#67 Ken Loves Wine Barrel Aged Berliner Weiß – The Highlight of the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo

Review #67 – Ken Loves Wine Barrel Aged Berliner Weiß 90/100

Now usually I’d save the best till last but I’d just like to get this one down while the memory to match the tasting notes is still fresh.  This Chardonnay barrel aged sour beer was the best beer I tried over my two day period at the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo, so good in fact I got myself another, sat down, took my time and smoked a Montecristo No. 2 and savoured what was the finest moment of the two days.


Out of the bottle and into the glass, this beer pours a light honey colour with a moderate haziness.  A very lively head is present which quickly disperses to the edge of the glass, disappearing completely after a couple of minutes.  A quick swirl laces a visible necklace around the glass.

On the nose, initially you’re greeted with a mild lactic acid aroma, tart white grapes, slight brandy notes accompanied by rich wisps of old French oak.

Quite dry on the palate, like fresh cranberry sense.  A sharpness of unripened plums, apricots, sour cherry and crushed grape seeds, all accompanied by a moderate lactic acid tartness mellowed out with oaky overtones, there is a slight acetic acid flavour in there too.  In the background, very elegant, soft, grassy and floral notes with a slight honey sweetness.  The finish is quite dry with a long linger of lactic acid and unripened white grapes.

I need more of this beer in my life.  Not just one of the best sours I’ve had (and it’s up there with some of the best Cantillons) but also one of the best beers I’ve ever had.




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