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#66 Liverpool Craft Beer Summer Gose – I Could Drink a River of This Stuff

Review #66 – Liverpool Craft Beer Co Summer Gose 82/100

A couple of weeks ago I hit the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo for a couple of nights on the run and it proved to be a very fruitful event.  With many of the country’s best breweries in attendance, showing off some of their finest brews I was in my element and I’m pleased to say I didn’t come across any beers that were anything less than fantastic.  I sampled quite a lot of beers so I am going to try and plough through my tasting notes and construct a few decent reviews.  First up is going to be the Liverpool Craft Beer Co Summer Gose.


Wandering around the indoor area at the expo, I looked over and saw a bloke clutching a glass of alluring apricot coloured liquid and it was at that moment I decided “I need that”.  When I approached the Liverpool Craft Beer Co stand another one was being poured so I could see it was the Summer Gose.  The appearance wasn’t deceiving and it was absolutely glorious.

Pumped from a keg into a flute glass, the Summer Gose pours a very vibrant apricot colour with a generous level of haze, head is one finger in depth and produces hardly any lacing around the inside of the glass which is to be expected from this style of beer, light bodied with a moderately effervescent head.

On the nose, straight away you get a nice wisp of lactic acid which carries aromas of sour fruits, autumn leaves and salty sea air.

On the palate the profile is dominated by notes of sour, underripe stoned fruits: peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines.  The level of acetic acid is moderate and provided a nice sharpness that cut through the fruit flavours like a knife and was a welcome palate cleanser after a night of stouts, tripels and quads in the >9%ABV range.  The finish is long, with a medium dryness and a long linger of sharp raspberries with a pinch of sea salt.

Well done Liverpool Craft, my favourite beer from you up to now and one of my favorites from the Expo.




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