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#69 Magic Rock Bearded Lady – A Liquid Sticky Toffee Pudding From Hell…In a Good Way.

Review #69 – Magic Rock Bearded Lady 84/100

The Magic Rock Bearded Lady is a flavour packed 10.5%ABV Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.  Packed full of flavour with a heavy barrel influence, this Magic Rock is a perfect dessert beer which paired with a Cohiba cigar proved to be a perfect combination.


Pumped from a keykeg at the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo, the Bearded Lady pours charcoal black in colour which when held up to the light revels itself as more of a deep coffee colour, producing a generous tan coloured head.  Full bodied, laces the inside of the glass nicely, not too viscous but does seem to have a slight oiliness to it.

On the nose, plenty of dark roasted coffee, coffee sweets, rich cacao and toffee ice cream.  There is a slight sweet spiciness to it, almost like Parkin cake.

On the palate this beer really comes to life, the coffee notes more closely reflect the flavours of a Vietnamese coffee – condensed milk, coffee sweets and rich perfumed arabica beans.  The bourbon influence is fantastic, a lot of flavour has been extracted from the cask – vanilla, sweet spice and toasted oak; this combined with the sweet caramel flavours from the malt provides a decadently rich sticky toffee pudding flavour with a chewy mouthfeel.  The finish is long with a lingering flavour of rich and bitter cacao nibs, and a small level of spicy hop bitterness.

Fantastic imperial stout, one of my favourites from the Expo.




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