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#70 Wild Beer Co Modus Operandi – An English Ale Transformed With Funk

Review #70 – Wild Beer Co Modus operandi 78/100

Wild Beer Co utilise the world of wild yeasts, isolating different strains from the natural environment and since each strain of yeast will impart different flavours on a beer their brews will be unpredictable but everything I’ve ever had from them have been really good and quite interesting but I bet behind the scenes they’ve have a few failed batches.  This method of brewing makes Wild Beer Co pretty unique in the UK and they’ve certainly made their mark on the brewing scene in the UK.  The Modus Operandi is a barrel aged English Ale fermented with a number of wild yeast strains.


Poured from a Keykeg at the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo, the Modus Operandi pours a dark brown colour which held up to the light revels a slight ruby red hue.  Full bodied, not too viscous, slight oiliness, medium level of lacing when the glass is swirled and produces a small tan head which disperses quite quickly.

On the nose there is quite a lot of funkiness from the yeast, sweet jams, overripe fruit, sweet cherries, fruit cake and rich oak.

On the palate there is plenty of sweet fruit cake, candied cherries, funky yeast and notes of rich seasoned oak and a slight lactic acid sourness.

Another quality beer from Wild Beer Co.




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