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#71 Glen Moray 23 Year Old (Cadenheads) – A Full Term Sauternes Single Cask From the Gods

Review #71 – William Cadenheads Glen Moray 23 YO Full Term Sauternes Cask 95/100

I have been so excited to crack this bottle open, and between all of the bad weather we’ve been having in Liverpool we managed to get a clear night and enjoyed this bottle with some good food and cigars around an open fire.  This bottle is 1 of a 252 bottle run and after a few drams we decided we needed another, fortunately my friend managed to find another in Chadenheads London shop.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the Glen Moray pours a deep colour of cherrywood having extracted all of its colour from a cask that has previously held sweet Sauternes wine.  The whisky has been bottled at 52%ABV, is natural in colour and has not undergone any chill filtration, yet it has managed to produce this magnificent colour.  The whisky is full bodied, produces a prominent necklace around the inside of the glass which slowly turns into thick, slow viscous legs which seem to take an eternity to reach the bottom.

The nose on this whisky is absolutely glorious, I sat there letting the aromas envelop me for a good ten minutes before taking a sip.  For a cask strength whisky bottled at 52% the alcohol is very subdued, the 23 years in contact with the Sauternes cask have done a great job in mellowing out the alcohol notes.  Aromas of spiced orange marmalade, candied fruit, peach cobbler and fruit cake gently caress the senses.  The nose on this wonderful whisky would have anybody with a sweet tooth salivating.

Oh my word, once the first drops enter your mouth you are transported through time to Christmas evenings around the fire eating brandy soaked Christmas pudding, sipping sweet sherry and munching through buttery shortbread.  This is without a doubt one of the finest dessert whiskies I have ever tasted – massive notes of sweet, syrupy stewed peaches and apricots, all butter shortbread, sticky dates and sultanas.  There is a delicate dusting of sweet spice almost like that of churros.  This is a full bodied behemoth which has such a chewy mouthfeel is almost seems like you are eating it rather than drinking it.

I longed after the Glendronach 15 Sherry Revival for so long, worried that I would never find something quite as appealing to my sweet tooth, something so chewy and packed full of flavour, but my worries were for nothing.  This beats any ex-wine cask whisky I have ever tasted.  I enjoyed a few drams of this whisky with a Montecristo Regatta, both the cigar and whisky complemented one another fantastically.

Fantastic Whisky from Cadenheads, one that I will never forget.




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