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#73 Brewdog Mashtag 2016 – A Delicious Democracy

Review #73 – Brewdog Mashtag 2016 84/100

The Mashtag series from Brewdog are truly beers of democracy; the people decide on the beer and they decide on the label design, and for the 2016 release it has come up trumps.  This is one of the truly good IPAs that are much more than wave after wave of alpha acid bitterness.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the Mashtag pours dark amber in colour with a medium height, off-white head.

The nose on this one is very bold, lots of tropical fruits like pineapple and passion fruit, a hint of rosewater, slightly acidic with notes of rich oak and a noticeable level of alcohol – not surprising as it’s bottled at 10.5%ABV.

On the palate the high ABV is apparent, but presents itself in a sophisticated fashion, it’s soothing and adds dimension to the beer.  There is a nice dose of oak which carries the strong alcohol flavours well, and I think helps mellow out the alpha acid bitterness.  As far as bitterness goes, there is enough but it’s not overpowering, the flavours of the hops shine through – pine, citrus fruits, tart tropical fruits, rosewater and grassy notes are all present.  The cherry flavour is more mild than I was expecting, it adds a nice sweet fruitiness to the beer while maintaining the beer’s roots as an Imperial IPA not a fruit beer.  The finish is medium in duration, not dry at all really, with a sweet aromatic linger.




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