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#77 Mad Hatter Pitch Funk – I Brett This Will Be a Good One

Review #77 – Mad Hatter Pitch Funk 76/100

Not really a sour beer but the Brettanomyces yeast provides a lot of funk to this light bodied, medium carbonated brew.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the Pitch Funk pours a yellowish straw colour reminiscent of a lager or English pale, mostly clear with a very slight level of haze with a brilliant white, Champagne like head which disperses rather quickly.

On the nose there is plenty of funk, a lot of barn like aromas – hay, slightly horsey and damp wood.  Slight citrus notes are also present.

On the palate the Pitch Funk has medium carbonation, flavours of overripe mango, lychee, lemon peel and blackberry pie.  A small level of sour with a big dose of funk, the sourness is similar to that of sour cream, not very sharp at all, the funk is heavy, reminiscent of a damp cellar, Edam cheese rind and cabbage.




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