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#78 Mad Hatter Hold Yr Plums – A Funky, Tangy Wild Beer

Review #78 – Mad Hatter Hold Yr Plums 72/100

Brewed with yoghurt, plums, damsons and rose petals.  It seems they’re adding yoghurt to quite a lot of beers now, and for the most part it’s turned out well, I liked it in the Tzatziki Sour and the Manchester Tart but I’m not sure it really adds much to this one.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the beer pours a light golden barley colour with a brilliant white, very light, highly effervescent head.  There is a slight haziness to the beer and the head stays around for a good while.

On the nose there is a generous level of funk, plenty of damp hay and old barnyard aromas with notes of sweet cereal and sourdough bread.

From the label I was expecting this one to be very sour but it is only slightly tart with flavours underripe plums, sweet dates and plum jam with a lot of brett flavours.  A good beer but I thought the yoghurt didn’t really contribute much to the flavour profile and if anything suffocated the sour fruit flavours a little too much.




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