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#80 Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit Pale Ale – Is it Wrong I Think This Would Go Well With Breakfast?

Review #80 – Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit Pale 78/100

Brewed with grapefruit, this is a pale ale with a sweet caramel malty backbone, a moderate level of hop bitterness, lots of citrus flavours and aromas from the grapefruit and some more tropical and citrus character coming from the hop influence.  In my opinion, it’s not going to blow you away but it’s a good, easy going, refreshing beer perfect for a summer evening in the garden.


Out of the can and into the glass the High Wire pours a vibrant honey colour, slightly hazy with a thin champagne like head which disperses quite quickly.  carbonation appears to be low moderate.

On the nose, some sweet caramel notes, toffee apple, sharp pink grapefruit, orange zest and tropical fruit juice.

On the palate, the beer has a sweet caramel like malt backbone, not much alcohol flavour, tons of juicy grapefruit flavours with hints of pineapple, mango, traditional lemonade.  A real sweet citrusy dessert flavour coming from this one, almost like lemon drizzle cake.  Finish is medium with a short sweet juicy linger.

A good beer but not fantastic, easy to drink and very refreshing.




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