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#82 Robinsons 9 hop IPA – Another Rather Bland IPA to Add to the World of Indistinguishable English IPAs

Review #82 – Robinsons 9 hop IPA 52/100

This is one of those reviews that I feel like it’s hardly worth writing, it’s like writing a travel review for McDonalds, every single one is pretty much the same with a slightly different feature and this is the case with this beer and the vast majority of English IPAs on the market.  I love Robinsons brewery, the Trooper is a great beer with a lot of character, but this one is a bit of a let down.


Out of the bottle and into a glass the beer pours a vibrant amber colour with a brilliant white, one finger depth head, hardly any haziness and looks like a moderate level of carbonation.

On the nose, heavy malt presence producing quite a lot of sweet caramel notes.  The dominating aromas are that of spices you’d typically find in mulled wine – orange peel, cinnamon, clove and black peppercorns.  There are floral and grassy notes present in small levels.

On the palate, the beer is sweet with a heavy malt backbone, slightly chewy mouthfeel with a lot of cereal character.  Hop bitterness is there but not overpowering, slightly spicy with the same kind of spices picked up on the nose, quite a lot of dried orange and grapefruit peel, carbonation is medium to high.  What I find with this beer is that considering it has 9 hops in, it doesn’t have a lot of complexity, all of the flavours that are present don’t pack a punch, they are quite lifeless, it’s an IPA with no real character, like something that would be produced in a ‘brew your own IPA kit’, it’s not what I’d expect from a brewery like Robinsons.  Unfortunately, I have mentioned before we are swimming in a sea of bog standard IPAs that seem to have very similar mash bills, continuously use the same hops and as a result turn out to be very similar beers.

Not a bad beer, just boring and forgettable.




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