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#84 St Stefanus Blonde – A Fantastically Average Belgian

Review #84 – St Stefanus Blonde 74/100

There’s not much going on for St Stefanus in terms of uniqueness, I find it to be in a similar league to Leffe Blonde, a perfectly delicious beer but one I don’t tend to buy very often unless it’s the only decent beer in the shop, which in this case it was.


Out of the bottle and into a glass the St Stefanus pours a hazy straw colour with a head about two fingers in depth, laces the glass quite nicely.

On the nose the beer produces a very strong biscuit malt backbone, heavy ester aromas of mushy bananas and steamed pudding with a slight aroma of sweet spice reminiscent of Jamaica cake.

On the palate there are plenty sweet flavour present up front, rich biscuit malt and molasses with a lot of sweet spice and overripe bananas, tastes kind of like banana bread.  There are notes of treacle and also a small amount of yeast funkiness.  The beer finishes medium dry with a sharp, slightly bitter linger with notes of lemongrass.

An okay beer, but not a beer I would class as a high ranking Belgian brew.




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