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#85 Clown Shoes Mango American Kölsch – An Age Old Beer With a Tropical Twist

Review #85 – Clown Shoes Mango American Kölsch 80/100

Kölsch beer originated from Cologne, Germany.  It is typically made from 100% barley malt and undergoes two fermentations, the first fermentation is done using ale yeasts at warm temperatures, the partially fermented beer is then re-fermented with lager yeast to condition the beer.

The Clown Shoes Mango American Kölsch also has mango juice incorporated into the beer providing a sweet tropical twist to this traditional beer.  I have been very impressed with Clown Shoes beers as of recent and I was fairly impressed with this one too, although not as much as the American Monastic Belgian IPA I had a couple of weeks ago, which was fantastic.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the beer pours a darker colour than you would expect from a Kölsch which is typically a yellow straw colour with not much haze.  I imagine that prior to the addition of the mango juice the beer would have had this characteristic yellow straw colour, and after the addition of the mango juice it has taken on a slightly hazy characteristic with a quite vibrant amber hue.

On the nose the beer provides a slight level of cereal like sweetness, not heavy on the mango but it’s definitely there in small amounts with notes of other fruits such as dried apricots and a little pineapple.  Some faint herbal notes are also present.

On the palate, the beer is slightly more bitter than I had originally anticipated, I had expected the beer to be dominated by the mango flavours but there was actually a fairly high level of alpha acid bitterness, clean with little to no citrus presence, quite herbal with a touch of pine resin.  After the bitterness starts to fall off it is slowly replaced by the sweet fruity flavours of the mango, the mango flavour is very subtle and does add a little more dimension to the beer, but the beer as a whole isn’t very complex.




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