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#87 Siren Calypso – A Tropical Island Compressed Into a Bottle With a Generous Amount of Tang!

Review #87 – Siren Calypso 87/100

The Siren Calypso is a good example of how good beer doesn’t have to be expensive.  I picked this one up on my last beer run, it was one of the cheapest bottles at around £2.70 and one of the ones I enjoyed the most.  Each batch of the Calypso is dry hopped using different hops each time, and each batch is very liberally dry hopped.  You don’t get any real alpha acid bitterness in this beer and that is because it’s not supposed to have any bitterness, it’s a Berliner Weiss and as such should have a low gravity, low bitterness a nice amount of wheat sweetness and a fair amount of tang.  Typically you don’t usually find Berliner Weiss beers that are above 4% ABV but this one was a bit higher at around 4.5% if I remember correctly.  Stupidly, I didn’t check the batch before I threw the bottle away so I don’t know what hops it contained, but I guess that’s a good thing as it’s now a bit of a blind tasting.


Out of the bottle and into the glass the Calypso pours the colour of shimmering gold bullion, producing a lively and short lived head about a finger in depth when it’s first produced however it disperses rather quickly.  The beer has a slight haziness to it but pretty much no yeast sediment.

On the nose there are lots of sharp fruit flavours: tart pineapple, tannic crab apples, underripe apricots and peaches, dry white wine with a generous amount of lactic acid.  Quite a clean smelling sour beer, not much in terms of funk.

On the palate, there are many of the flavours that were picked up on the nose and plenty more.  Straight up is the lactic acid flavour, this perks up the tastebuds quite quickly and prepares them for what is to come; what I really like about this beer is that each sip acts as a palate cleanser and then the complex flavour profile just grows and grows.  After the initial tartness has woke you up, the flavours evolve into notes of tangy baking apples, sour cherries, underripe soft fruits like plums, nectarines and apricots.  As well as the sharper underripe fruit flavours that come from this beer there is also plenty of fresh fruit flavours, I find a lot of pineapple, pomegranate, grapefruit and cantaloupe.  It’s a real fruit salad of flavours.  The beer finishes sharp and slightly tannic, almost like biting into a baking apple.

I love this beer and it has become one of my favourite sours, it’s so easy to drink, refreshing and very cheap considering the overall quality of the brew.



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