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#89 Victory Kirsch Gose – The German Beer With a Sense of Humour

Review #89 – Victory Kirsch Gose 86/100

I recently watched a video with the brewer at Victory, he was explaining about how he travelled to Germany on a bit of a beer pilgrimage and when he discussed Gose beers with the Germans they perceived it as a bit of a wacky beer, there were jokes about it, stories about it, admiration for it and so on.  This all probably stems from the fact that in Germany they have something called the beer purity laws that state beer can only contain four ingredients: grain, hops, water and yeast.  There are certain exemptions to these rules, Gose for instance is often brewed with fruits and/or herbs, and salt is sometimes added to the water, the original Gose beer originated from Goslar and would have been made with water that had a natural saltiness to it.


I picked one of these up from my local bottle shop and ended up going back for more, it’s a great example of a Gose, my fiancee particularly enjoys this one, although she fell asleep before finishing hers last night so unfortunately I had to finish it off for her 😉

Out of the bottle and into the glass the beer pours the colour of a very vibrant rose wine, no haze present, no yeast sediment and a small lively brilliant white head.

On the nose there is a definite aroma of soft fruits with a generous amount of lactic acid and a touch of malt sweetness.

On the palate is where this beer really comes to life, up front is a hit of sharp lactic acid although it’s not at all overpowering and carries with it a dose of sweet and sour cherries, carbonation is fairly high but again pleasant, the beer finishes long and dry with a definite saltiness to it.  The lingering tartness and saltiness of this Gose has your tastebuds firing long after the beer has left your mouth.  There is no funk in this beer, no off flavours at all, a very clean beer indeed.

An absolutely fantastic example of a Gose, a real historical beer with a bit of a modern twist.

Get one of these, no get 10, it’s a great session beer.




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