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Love Over the Seine (Our Mini Euro-Trip and Where Becky Became my Fiancée)

Back in September I’d been back from China almost a year, Becky and I were both chomping at the bit for some travel experiences, we knew it would be a while before we got to travel the globe properly but we had a bit of money spare to do a trip closer to home, so we booked almost three weeks off work and left on the 4th of September to travel to Paris, Bern, Rome, Venice, Ljubljana, Lake Bled and Budapest.  I’d seen the beautiful location of Lake Bled in Slovenia and I decided this is where I was going to propose, I didn’t realise it at the time but I could not hold out that long…

Paris Post Edit-19.jpg

We arrived in Paris late at night, picked up our key and got snuggled into bed for the night and already I was thinking about how my proposal would go in Slovenia and started to stress about it, we woke up the next day and head out to explore.  We were walking through Paris, every street filled with amazing architecture and history, yet all I could think about was the proposal; unless you are a man or woman who has either proposed or is about to propose, you’ll never know how much stress it will put on you.

Paris Post Edit-9.jpg

This is Becky in the Gardens of Luxembourg the day before I proposed.  Even though she had been nudging me for over a year asking when I was going to propose, I still couldn’t stop thinking “what if she says no?”, I had all sorts of scenarios running through my head and I felt a bit lost, the only thing I knew is that I couldn’t wait until Slovenia to propose.

Paris Post Edit-24.jpg

The next day was the 6th of September, and this was the day that I woke up and thought ‘it has to be tonight’, I needed to be able to relax and actually enjoy the rest of the trip.  After a day visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Sacre Coeur I suggested to Becky that we go to a restaurant called Chartier one the other side of the river, I thought it would be a nice romantic walk, we could eat some good food and walk back to our apartment and I would propose by the river.

Paris Post Edit-20.jpg

Restaurant Chartier was recommended by my friend Karl who visits Paris quite often, it’s Paris’ oldest restaurant, it looks the same as it did 100 years ago inside and out, they cook typical French cuisine and I thought it would be the perfect place to set the night off.  I was wrong.

Paris Post Edit-26.jpg

We walked for much longer than I had thought we would have, eventually arriving at Chartier at around 8pm.  With Becky being a vegan, there wasn’t much on the menu that she could eat, which I really didn’t anticipate.  We still talk about how bad of a restaurant choice that was.  So at this point I had made a complete hash of the proposal night, I took Becky on a hike and then treated her to grilled vegetables and chips…fantastic.


We arrived at a bridge over the Seine and I asked her to stop for a bit to enjoy the view.  I knew this would be my only opportunity of the night and I couldn’t hold on for any longer.  It was around 11pm and people were still walking over the bridge, which caused me to get irrationally annoyed in my mind, I just wanted to say “excuse me sir, but would you mind pissing off please”.  I waited till it had quietened down a bit before saying “I need to tell you something but it’s really hard for me to say”, at this point I was really just trying to psych myself up for it, but that ambiguous statement started to get her worried and she was asking me what is wrong.  I knew it was do or die, I got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry me.  Thankfully she said yes which made me the happiest man in the universe and also lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.  After wiping away the tears she gave me a little punch and said she thought I was going to break up with her.

Paris Post Edit.jpg

It was on this bridge over the Seine, close to midnight.  Is this perhaps the cheesiest, most stereotypical proposal ever? possibly but it didn’t matter because straight after we both got what we wanted and were the happiest we had ever been and we continue to get happier every day.


After the proposal we walked back towards our hotel hand in hand, I bought her a veggie burger (so romantic) and we shared a bottle of wine.  Hearing Becky say yes was the best part of the trip and turned out to be the happiest day of my life so far 🙂  Paris is a beautiful city and it was a great start to our trip, next up was the beautiful alpine capital of Switzerland, Bern.

Paris Post Edit-12.jpg

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post




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