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Feel the Bern – A Couple of Days in Switzerland’s Beautiful Capital

Wow, three new followers in one day, thanks 🙂 I hope you’ve been enjoying these posts.  A lot happened in Paris – beautiful sights were seen, many pastries were eaten and much wine was drank, we spent nights walking hand in hand through the world’s most romantic city and most importantly my beautiful girlfriend became my fiancee.  It was a whirlwind trip, we saw what we wanted to see and we spent plenty of time just taking it in, sitting in cafes sipping red wine and munching on croissants, which is how it should be.  It was time to bid farewell to Paris and say hello to Bern.

Bern Post Edit-15

We arrived at the train station in Paris around an hour in advance, picked up some drinks and munchies for the journey and boarded the train.  Once the train leaves Paris and the surrounding areas the scenery is beautiful, there are fields upon fields of crops of varying colours, golden sheets of swaying wheat and mini forests of corn.  Towards the end of the train journey the train starts to climb into the alps, the beauty of the scenery is amplified, with snow covered mountain tops in the background and endless fields of vibrant green grass in the foreground, it really is like you’re on the set of the Sound of Music.

Bern Post Edit-3

We arrived in Bern train station and the first thing that we noticed was the price of everything and this is something to beware of if you’re going to travel to Switzerland, it is bloody expensive.  We ended up eating on a budget, only really eating out once, most of our food was purchased from a place called Migros, a small supermarket with a deli in the middle of Bern’s main train station, here you can get some tasty food for a reasonable price.  If you’re planning on eating out, expect to pay the equivalent of around £15-20 for a basic lunch in a cafe.

Bern Post Edit-12

Bern is a stunning place, it felt like all my life I had been seeing in black and white, and now I was suddenly seeing in high definition colour.  It must have been the clean air and the altitude because the sky was so blue, the water was like liquid emerald and the flora was such vibrant colours of green and yellow.

Bern Post Edit-5

The architecture of Bern old town has been preserved very well indeed, with a lot of it dating back to the 12th century.  This medieval architecture has you feeling like you’re in a fairytale land, with it’s quaint cobbled streets and grey stone buildings, if it wasn’t for the modernly dressed people you’d think you had been transported back in time.

Bern Post Edit-21

The river that snakes through Bern is called the Aare, it’s turquoise waters will put you into a trance, when I saw it I just wanted to jump in, and some people do when the weather is warm enough.  You can see people diving and jumping from bridges into the water, some from terrifying heights.  The farthest we got was dipping our feet in for a little paddle 🙂

Bern Post Edit-11

For things to do in Bern you might be a bit limited, it seems like there really isn’t much to do other than take in the scenery.  Everywhere seems to close very early usually around 9-10pm which was a bit of a shock coming from Paris where you can pop into a bar and get food at 2 in the morning.  My advice for Bern would be to take it for what it is, a very clean, very quiet place with unfathomable beauty.  Use Bern as a rest stop between travel, a place where you don’t need to dart from one place to another barely getting time to catch your breath.  You can walk around Bern at a nice slow pace, let the rushing and trickling sounds of the Aare sooth your mind and let the crisp clean alpine air cleanse your lungs.

Bern Post Edit-14

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, hope to see you in the comments 🙂




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