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Nippon Over to Japan (Part 13: Kyoto)

Continuing on from my last post about Kyoto, it was a few days after our arrival in the former capital that we experienced some of the wrath what what the typhoon season had to throw at us.  During our trip we had been watching the weather forecast on the TV which showed typhoon Talas approaching Japan from the south, we had both received warnings from our families back home telling us to be careful, fortunately Kyoto didn’t get hit too bad, but it was still some of the worst weather I have experienced.



The first few days in Kyoto were glorious, with barely a break in the blue skies at all, then came the third day, the heavens opened and torrential rains poured down, umbrellas could be seen flying through the sky that had been snatched by the gale-force winds.  The once shallow and calm river running through the middle of the city was now a torrent of white water.  It was on this day for whatever reason that we decided to take a trip up to the monkey park called Arashiyama where for a small fee of around 500 JPY you can enter the park and walk amongst the Japanese macaques, you can also feed them from within a caged enclosure.  Most of the monkeys at the time were understandably seeking refuge in the sloped roof of the building.  The walk up to Arashiyama is quite steep but I think worth it to see the cute macaques and also the view of Kyoto, although due to the poor visibility we didn’t experience the view.



Unfortunately we didn’t get to see all we would have liked to see in Kyoto, we did however turn up to Kiyomizu temple one day, the weather was beautiful and the temple was magnificent.

drawing edit 1.jpg


My main regret about our visit to Japan was failing to hike mount Fuji, we travelled from Kyoto to a place called Fujinomiya, a city at the foot of the mountain.  When we arrived at Fujinomiya JR station, we got talking to a guy who offered us a lift into town, on the way he told us we shouldn’t attempt the climb due to the typhoon, we were later told the same thing by a police officer at the police station, although his warning seemed even more dire as he told us if we get stuck the weather is going to get so bad they wouldn’t be able to send a helicopter up.  Needless to say, we were absolutely gutted, but took their advice and agreed to stay the night and then head back to Kyoto in the morning, we ended up sleeping in what seemed to be a quite seedy motel with porn on all the TV channels, and yes I think it was one of those types of places.  We both slept on top of the beds fully clothed…not the most successful part of the trip.


I will continue my posts about Kyoto another time as today has been my first day back in work after a week off and already I’m sick of the routine and absolutely shattered.  Becky and I sent off our passports today, once we get them back we will be booking our flights from Beijing to Hong Kong, our next travelling plans are really coming to fruition now 🙂


Goodnight, good afternoon or good morning wherever you are reading this 🙂





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