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#96 Siren Blue Sky Blue Sea – Seaweed and Cloudberry Gose

Review #96 – Siren/Surly collaboration blue sky blue sea 85/100

Blue sky blue sea is a collaboration brew between the British brewery Siren and the American brewery Surly as part of the International Rainbow Project.  This Gose has been brewed with cloudberries and seaweed, producing a pretty unique tasting beer.


Cloudberries are a delicacy in Scandinavian countries and command a pretty high price so I’m surprised to see them used in brewing, and if I’m honest I’ve never even seen these fruits available in the UK.

Out of the bottle and into the glass the beer pours a vibrant amber colour and produces an almost non-existent head, just a thin film of bubbles on the surface which quickly disperse, carbonation seems to be medium-high from appearance alone and the beer doesn’t lace the glass very much which is to be expected for such a light style of beer.

Upon nosing the beer I find it to be quite delicate, with fresh aromas of salty sea air, lactic acid, sharp citrus fruits and summer berries.

On the palate the flavour of tart berries is very prominent, I don’t know what cloudberries taste like but I find this beer to be very reminiscent of raspberries, blackcurrant and cranberries, there is a slight dryness to the beer and it has a long lactic acid finish with a slight saltiness.   Carbonation is medium.

There seems to be a bit of a trend going on at the moment where brewers are producing Gose style beers with the seaside twist, and I am quite a fan of what I’ve tried so far.





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